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Western New York is home to several species of insectivorous bats. 

If you see a bat on the ground or in your home, please DO NOT TOUCH!

Click on "Need Help?" at the bottom of the page or on the chat icon on your phone to contact a rescuer.

Click "what to do" for instructions on how to safely contain a bat.

If you live outside of Western New York and found a bat in need of help, 

click below to find a bat rehabilitator.

Help for Wildlife
How To Help Wildlife: Get Involved
How To Help Wildlife: Get Involved


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Loons are rare visitors to Western New York, but some pass through our area during spring and fall migration.

An accidental landing on dry ground can be a death sentence for a loon. These loons need help!

Click on "Need Help?" at the bottom of the page or on the chat icon on your phone to contact a rescuer.

Click "learn more" for information on how to identify and contain a loon.


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WildCare of WNY specializes in the care of bats and loons, but we work with other rehabilitators to help care for all wild animals. To find a rehabilitator near you or to find humane nuisance assistance, visit Animal Help Now.

If you have bats living in your home and are considering hiring a nuisance control company to remove the bats, check out our information section and read the article "Our Bat Neighbors" first! 

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